Comprehensive Dental Checks: What They Are All About

In this blog, you can learn all about how to make the right dietary choices for your oral health. You can learn what to drink and what to eat.

Comprehensive Dental Checks: What They Are All About

Comprehensive Dental Checks: What They Are All About

17 February 2015
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Every time you go to see the dentist for a check- up, they undertake a routine inspection of your teeth and gums to check for any cavities, plaque, cracked teeth, loose teeth and other parameters of proper oral healthcare. However, dentists can also conduct a comprehensive dental check. This check is more detailed than the usual dental examination. Read on to learn what it involves and when your dentist may need to carry one out.

What is a comprehensive dental check?

A comprehensive dental check is basically a more thorough version of a normal dental check. It takes longer and involves examination of the broader dental structures. Your dentist will examine your teeth as usual but will also check for teeth sensitivity. He/she will also make out a mold sample of your teeth to check if your jaws have a proper bite. Your dentist will then examine the roof of your mouth, the tongue, gums and under the tongue. He/she will check for any wounds or signs of inflammation in these areas. Lastly, your dentist will have x-ray images of your jaws taken. Your dentist will examine these to check the jaw structure and formation of your teeth roots.  

When is it required?

In most cases, your dentist will request to take a comprehensive dental check when he/she undertakes their first check on you. This means any time you see a new dentist, you can expect a comprehensive dental check. The same can also be carried out after every 3 years or more. It will depend on the condition of your teeth. Just like dental checks, if your teeth are healthy, your dentist will not carry out a comprehensive dental check frequently.

Why is it required?

A comprehensive dental check is important because it gives your dentist a broader understanding of your oral health. If you have a new dentist, they need to understand what your dental condition is. This information will help them make better decisions when treating you or checking for diseases and dental anomalies. After every few years, the condition of your teeth, jaws and gums may have changed, hence the need for periodic comprehensive dental checks. A comprehensive dental check can also be undertaken if the dentist needs to investigate certain conditions like periodontal disease that can extend to your gums and root.

If your dentist wants to conduct a comprehensive test, they will inform you beforehand when you visit the dental clinic. If you haven't had a comprehensive dental check in a long while, ask a dentist, such as those found at Identity Dentistry, about it and find out if you need one.

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