Everything You Need to Know About Periodontists

In this blog, you can learn all about how to make the right dietary choices for your oral health. You can learn what to drink and what to eat.

Everything You Need to Know About Periodontists

Everything You Need to Know About Periodontists

26 January 2021
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Periodontists are dentists who diagnose and treat gum-related ailments. They can also educate you on how to avoid gum infections and illnesses. Here's a quick overview of what you need to know about gum disease and periodontists:

The Two Most Common Gum Diseases

1. Gingivitis: This is a dental condition that results when you fail to care for your teeth properly. Bacteria multiply and plaque and tartar start to build up in the inner layer of your gum. You may start experiencing pain, bleeding gums, swelling gums and discomfort, bleeding and pain when brushing. If this is left untreated, it progresses to periodontal disease.

You should know that gingivitis can not only be caused by poor dental hygiene but bad habits like smoking, underlying diseases or conditions like diabetes and cancer, hormones and hereditary diseases. That is why part of the best dental hygiene practices are visiting a dentist regularly for examination; it is not a must that you be presenting particular symptoms for you to visit a dentist. Make arrangements to visit your dentist regularly to have peace of mind.

2. Periodontal disease/gum disease/periodontitis: Pockets start forming in the inner layer of your gum, creating a rich environment for bacteria multiplication; this happens because your gum pulls away from your teeth. Plaque and tartar also continue to form and accumulate and eventually lead to an infection.

Bacteria, poison and toxins from plaque and tartar attack your gums, teeth and jawbone, causing irreversible damage. Your teeth start to weaken and fall out one by one. At this stage, you have severe gum and bone damage that needs to be treated immediately. Your mouth will even be unsightly; you will also be in pain and have foul breath. Note that teeth that are loose or have fallen out cannot be treated, they can only be replaced with artificial teeth.

Don't let your gum disease reach this stage; prevent it by maintaining dental hygiene. If it's too late, have it treated at the gingivitis stage.

Some Periodontists Also Offer Missing Teeth Treatments Like Dental Implants

Though dental implants are services offered by prosthodontists (dentists who specialise in missing teeth treatments), you might come across periodontists who offer them. This is mostly because it entails surgery that cuts into your gum and drills into your jawbone. Additionally, with knowledge and experience with gums and jawbones, most periodontists know how to examine gums and identify whether they are strong enough to withstand things like dental implant procedures.

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