Denture Repair: What to Expect

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Denture Repair: What to Expect

Denture Repair: What to Expect

9 April 2021
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Denture clinics frequently carry out denture repairs. If your dentures are broken or damaged, you can take them to a denture clinic to get them fixed. The exact nature of the repair will depend on exactly what is wrong with your dentures. Here is some information that can help you learn about the process of denture repair.

Denture Relining

One of the simplest repairs that dentures clinics offer is denture relining. This procedure involves replacing the flexible material around the base of the dentures to improve their fit in your mouth. Denture relining is a simple and quick procedure that could make a big difference to how comfortable your dentures are to wear.

Broken Denture Repair

If your dentures have broken into two or more separate parts, you obviously cannot wear them. However, do not worry — a denture clinic can usually repair this kind of break quickly and efficiently, allowing you to get back to using your false teeth as usual.

You should always visit a denture clinic or dentist for broken denture repair. Trying to stick the parts back together with household glue could lead to injury or even poisoning. Home repairs rarely last or feel comfortable, so take the opportunity to visit your nearest denture clinic as soon as possible.

What if Parts of Your Dentures Are Missing?

If a part of your dentures has broken off, you might not have been able to find it. Not having all the parts available can make denture repair take longer, but it is still worth visiting a denture clinic to see what they can do.

Dental technicians can make new parts for broken dentures. This process involves first taking a mould of your teeth and gums so that the new dentures can be custom-made to fit your mouth exactly. They can then quickly produce new parts to attach to your old dentures or replace the dentures entirely with a brand-new set.

Denture Adjustment

If your dentures do not feel comfortable in your mouth, you should visit a denture clinic to see what they can do to help you. Both old and new dentures can require adjustment to make them fit your mouth perfectly. Poorly fitting dentures can cause injuries and sores in the mouth, so it is important to get this problem sorted out as soon as possible. Denture adjustment is usually a very quick process and does not require you to go without your dentures for long periods of time.

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