Key Benefits of Family Dentistry

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Key Benefits of Family Dentistry

Key Benefits of Family Dentistry

10 July 2015
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Finding a family dentist is one of the best decisions you can make for the dental health of your family. While some patients choose to see different dental specialists to fix individual dental problems, it is important to have a reliable family dentist that you can call on at all times. Here are some key benefits of having a family dentist.

Emergency dental care

Be it a cracked tooth or sudden tooth ache, when dental emergencies arise, you cannot afford to wait in line for a dentist to come to your aid. A family dentist will be at your beck and call all round the clock to offer emergency dental care when needed. Most dental clinics offer 24-hour emergency services ensuring you and your family can receive treatment even during the night.

All dental services in one place

Another benefit of having a family dentist is that you do not need to visit different dental care facilities to receive treatment for different dental problems. A good dentistry should offer general and specialized dental services such as performing regular check-ups, diagnosis and treatment of oral disease, administering fillings, root canals, cleaning, scaling, polishing, bleaching, fixing and installing dentures, bridges and crowns as well as prescribing medication. Having a family dentist to treat the whole family saves on time and costs that would otherwise have been incurred visiting different dentists.  

Preventative care

One of the key benefits of having a family dentist is that you get overall dental care and detect dental issues before they become major problems. A family dentist will schedule all family members for periodic check-ups regardless of whether they have any dental problems or not. They also educate members on oral health and preventative measures for healthy teeth and gums.

Personal relationship

Through spending time and receiving treatment from a family dentist, you are able to develop a personal relationship with the dentist and staff. This creates a comfortable environment for raising any dental concerns and asking questions regarding your dental health. You are also able to communicate with and understand your dentist which enables you to get the best dental care.

Lifelong dental care

A family dentist offers dental treatment for a long period of time. This means that all your dental records are kept in one place for easy reference. Since the family dentist knows the family's dental history, they are able to address dental issues more effectively. A family dentist continues to treat children even as they grow to adults; therefore, there is no need for them to start becoming acquainted with a new dentist as they grow up.

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