Will a Whitening Mouthwash Whiten Your Teeth?

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Will a Whitening Mouthwash Whiten Your Teeth?

Will a Whitening Mouthwash Whiten Your Teeth?

23 November 2018
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There are various ways to whiten your teeth. Some people use off-the-shelf products or home whitening kits, others have cosmetic treatments at their dentist. If your teeth are a bit yellow and stained, you may be tempted to buy a whitening mouthwash to see if that improves things.

How do these mouthwashes work and can they whiten your teeth?

What Are Whitening Mouthwashes?

You use a whitening mouthwash like any other mouthwash. The difference with these products is that they aim to whiten your teeth as well as deal with bad breath or bacteria. Typically, off-the-shelf whitening mouthwashes don't contain chemicals that are usually used for teeth whitening like bleaches or peroxides. They use a mix of ingredients to clean the teeth, remove stains and prevent stains from forming in the future.

For example, a whitening mouthwash might contain essential oils to help keep teeth clean and non-abrasive whitening ingredients to remove stains. Most also claim that regular use will prevent stains from settling on your teeth in the future.

Will Whitening Mouthwashes Work on Your Teeth?

It's hard to say if using a whitening mouthwash twice a day will whiten your teeth enough to make you happy. These mouthwashes may help keep teeth cleaner and may get rid of some stains. If you just want to give your teeth a boost of extra white, then a mouthwash may do the job for you.

These mouthwashes are relatively inexpensive, so you don't have anything to lose by giving one a go. However, you should realise that you won't necessarily see anything more than a subtle change in the colour of your teeth. Stubborn or ingrained stains may not shift.

What if Whitening Mouthwashes Don't Work?

If you try a whitening mouthwash and don't feel that the results you get are enough, then it may be time to look at other whitening options. Your dentist should be your first port of call if you want a serious whitening boost. They can take a look at your teeth and recommend solutions to make them whiter.

For example, your dentist may think that a clean and polish will be enough to get rid of larger or more stubborn stains. This may make your teeth look better. Alternatively, your dentist can tell you about professional whitening treatments. These treatments take whitening to another level and can significantly change the colour of your teeth. 

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